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    Built upon two thought pillars: Gratefully Inspired™ and Humanity as a Platform℠, A DAY WELL LIVED focuses on three core areas:

    1. Media: ADWL produces daily and weekly content (social, email), as well as a podcast (coming soon), apps (coming soon) and longer form video series (coming soon).
    2. Merchandise: Develop original merchandise designed to inspire and spread the message of gratitude and the Human Spirit. Curate and sell third-party merchandise that supports the ADWL ethos.
    3. Consultation: Corporate (and personal) consulting designed to identify and create messaging, develop stories and produce content that comes from the core purpose / the why.

    Core Practices/ Process

    1. Discover: Deep discovery into the why.
    2. Message: Develop consistent/appropriate voice across platforms that communicates authentic messaging to various audiences.
    3. Create: From idea to execution, create appropriate idea/story, media & distribution.
    4. Produce: Develop & manage program delivery (in all areas)
    5. Engage: Participate, create, share and amplify(social, PR, influencers)
    6. Grow: Mentor and guide; continue to develop and grow potential & purpose.

    How We Work Together

    Media Partners: Seeking appropriate brands looking to capitalize on the early-stage development of new (authentically branded) content and programming, including: Podcast, weekly emails, apps and series.
    Messaging + Content: Work closely with your teams to review messaging challenges and identify and develop the best approach to deliver on your brand purpose.  
    Grow: Brands are often hyper focused on external messaging. We work with you to create internal programs that help maximize the professional potential (and engagement) of your most valuable assets: Your employees. We navigate the labyrinth by starting with The Why and building custom engagements ranging from media partnerships to messaging and employee programs.